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Wenzhou fastener industry in recent years, more and more attention to brand construction. At present, Wenzhou fastener industry more than 200 member enterprises, access to high-tech enterprises in 4 countries, has 8 well-known trademarks, 3 provincial famous trademarks, well-known trademark, 16, participate in the formulation of national standards enterprise 4, national level independent innovation 2, provincial, municipal technology center laboratory, 21, products the invention and practical patent 247, fastener Testing Center 1, Zhejiang province famous brand the 5 and 12 Wenzhou city famous brand such as the honorary title. It is worth mentioning that this year Zhejiang Mingtai Standard Parts Co., Ltd. declared "aluminum alloy high strength fasteners mass production" production technology as a "strong foundation" by the State Ministry of industry recognition, realizes the industrial history of Wenzhou area "zero" breakthrough.
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To implement the "industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015 year)" (Guo Fa [2011] No. 47), to enhance the ability in February 24th to strengthen the industrial base of support and guidance, the Ministry of industry and information technology, issued "notice about carrying out the special action of the 2014 industrial strong foundation" (Ministry of planning (2014) No. 95), decided in 2014 to continue to implement the "industrial strong foundation and special action", and asked all localities in the "2014 industrial strong foundation and special action to implement the program" (hereinafter referred to as the "implementation plan") requirements, according to local industry development actual organizations to carry out the relevant work, promote the industrial base material, the key core components (components), advanced technology and industrial technology foundation foundation (hereinafter referred to as "the four medium") level of development, promote industrial transformation and upgrading; and requested "provinces in 2014 industrial strong base the work of the special action schedule".
"Implementation plan" has been clear about the special action of the guiding ideology, the main objectives, priorities, schedule and guarantee measures. Special action will play a decisive role in the market in the allocation of resources, to strengthen the top-level design, improve the management mechanism, optimizing the policy environment, around the "Application of traction, supporting platform, the key breakthrough", "four base" to explore the innovation of industrial promotion mechanism, organization and implementation of industrial strong foundation, solve the bottleneck problem of control of major projects and key equipment parts speed up industrial development, tamp foundation, enhance the quality and efficiency of industrial development.
A good start in 2013 on the basis of, in 2014 will accelerate the release promoting guidance industry strong base, optimizing the policy environment, and gradually promote the formation of national industrial strong base strategy; the implementation of industrial strong foundation, to promote the new product technology application and popularization and application demonstration for the first time, push to create a batch of infrastructure industry technology public service platform, focus on the direction, support a group of engineering, industrial transformation projects and infrastructure industry technology platform for public service capacity building projects; to perfect the industrial technology based system, provide the technical support for the development of key industries, and gradually explore the formation of industrial strong foundation to promote a new model.

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