The opportunity and challenge of electronic commerce in the fastener industry

Electronic commerce in the China 10 years of development, has become one of the most dynamic economic phenomenon, from daily necessities to the means of production, from raw materials to finished products, various forms of goods began to network marketing from traditional marketing. Electronic commerce brings the "sweetness" also let individuals or enterprises more to join them.
Along with the electronic commerce influence unceasing promotion, the fastener industry also began to pay much attention to this new sales model for the impact of industry itself. Industry also has been generally realized that electronic commerce is an important and overlooked the sales model of reality in the future development will be the fastener industry. Nowadays, there are many fastener enterprises have entered the field of electronic commerce, electronic commerce in the fastener industry to explore the way of development.
E-commerce can bring advantages needless to say, however, how the traditional sales model and fastener industries combined, realize the line under the common sales marketing mode also need to explore and study.
In order to more in-depth understanding of China's fastener enterprises currently in the electronic commerce development present situation, in tight net ( combined with "Chinese fasteners" magazine reporter interviewed the domestic fastener enterprises.
Fastener industry electronic commerce development inevitable trend
-- Jin billion industry Limited by Share Ltd
Jin billion industry has been the leading enterprises of China's fastener industry, as the world's largest carbon steel fasteners manufacturing enterprises, gem year in all aspects of the movement are also of concern. Reporters on the development status of GMC in the field of Electronic Commerce on GEM year industrial deputy general manager Tu Zhiqing conducted an interview.
It is understood, about electronic commerce gem year has in effect. Tu Zhiqing said, although the fastener industry to do bigger and there are still many difficulties in the piece of e-commerce, but cannot give up not to do. At present, the gem is associated with Jingdong, Tmall etc. platform and industry professionals engaged in what form of consideration, and really make good looking in the fastener e-commerce platform. He said, even the open shop, the ultimate goal is to do a big platform, not only limited in the shop itself.
The GMC in the electronic commerce used is relatively simple, relatively gem year industrial strength and turnover, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of orders each month is too small. Therefore, the research and the discussion of gem year is to build a good e-commerce platform.
It is understood, in addition to the above mentioned scheme, the gem is also considering buying or merging with similar electronic commerce platform. Tu Zhiqing said, the fastener industry in difficult development electronic commerce this one or more, one aspect is the current business model is not suitable for fastener industry; on the other hand, the Chinese fastener industry is still in the rising phase in the development of electronic commerce, not a long time experience; third fastener industry, also the lack of professional talents in electronic commerce. Therefore, to build a truly good platform of electronic business affairs is not accomplish at one stroke.
Spreading the idea of easy, difficult integration model
The Limited by Share Ltd -- Dongming stainless steel products
Jiaxing as China's famous fasteners base, gathered a large number of fastener industry leading enterprises, Dongming stainless steel products Limited by Share Ltd is one of them. As the world's largest stainless steel fastener enterprises, Dongming early attention to the great significance of developing electronic commerce of fastener industry.
Chief of Dongming stainless steel product market Limited by Share Ltd Corday Poisson representation, in building e-commerce platform, Dongming has already begun to do. At present the main is the B to B system, the earliest is to provide general company and branch inventory information for the customer, since the second half of 2013 started, open trading platform, to old customers place an order with open online platform, logistics processing system in Dongming itself, the implementation of the results is quite good.
Wear the Poisson representation, in the macroscopic aspect, e-commerce into the fastener industry is an inevitable trend, but the trend of the speed can not determine. Fastener industry now, the old generation gradually withdraw, new generation enters, acceptance of e-commerce and the degree of cognition has greatly improved. With support from national governments, the fastener industry to develop e-commerce development direction is to be accepted and popular in the concept of.
In Dongming itself, was early to recognize the likely impact of e-commerce on the development of the industry pattern, therefore has always attached great importance to, has been invested to build. But after all, is a new entry mode, in use process, conflicts may arise, and the enterprise's original model for example, hand platform products online will be preferential price, customer and not accustomed to using the Internet platform, so at the expense of profits at the same time also needs of customers with the use of new pattern, which is also a need to coordination and considerations point.
Finally, wearing a Poisson representation, although still fastener industry electronic commerce development process encountered many difficulties and contradictions, but it is also a development opportunity, Dongming will not give up.
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