Wenzhou fastener industry output value of a substantial increase in the number of ultra billion enterprise

Reportedly, Wenzhou fastener industry associations from the beginning of this year, by more than ten member representatives and the efforts of the Secretariat to find out the basic situation, the industry scale, regional condition and industrial properties, but also the basic of the representative nature of the products of the leading enterprises and various scale.
After the preliminary statistics, the whole industry to the normal operation of the enterprise has about 1800, according to the classification of the actual production capacity: the billion or more enterprises have about 31, 50000000 yuan more than the enterprise about more than 160, 20000000 yuan of above enterprises about 270 more, the number has greatly improved compared with before.
The development of leading enterprises to drive the rapid rise of the surrounding business and industry as a whole, Wenzhou fastener industry has such a large number of leading enterprises as a pioneer, also can realize its long-term development.

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